Epic Staffing Solutions

Get proactive about your Epic workforce needs.

Medix Technology understands the Epic lifecycle better than anyone else on the market.

Whether you’re selecting an EHR, planning your implementation, building your solution, going live, or maintaining and optimizing your system, Medix Technology is the experienced partner you need to support your workforce’s success.

Medix Technology by the numbers:

  • 400+ certified consultants for Epic clients
  • 1,100+ experienced professionals placed
  • 120 health system clients in the U.S. and Canada
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Strategic Epic Staffing

Teams grow, needs change and turnover hits. With Medix Technology’s extensive pipeline and proven analytical hiring method, we can fill the void in your team. Prescreened, top talent is just a call away.

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Epic Modules of Expertise

Learn more about our multiple engagement modules, including contract-to-hire or staff augmentation.

  • Inpatient: ASAP, Stork, Clin Doc, Orders
  • Outpatient: Ambulatory, Home Health & Hospice, Healthy Planet, MyChart, Phoenix
  • Ancillary: Optime, Anesthesia, Beacon, Beaker, Cupid, Radiant, Willow, Wisdom, Bone
  • Revenue Cycle/Patient Access: Grand Central, Prelude, Cadence, Bedboard, HIM, Resolute HB, Resolute PB
  • Enterprise Architecture: Bridges, Cache, Cogito, Caboodle, Reporting Workbench, Security
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Training and Go-Live Support

You need the right team in place to execute a comprehensive knowledge transfer and to ensure each user has been properly trained.

Medix Technology’s Training and Go-Live workforce solution quickly identifies talent in your local market and matches them with the highest performers in your hospital. You get newly credentialed talent ready to contribute to your high-performing team.

Create a sustainable workforce during a massive milestone for your hospital system. With your new training and go-live talent, you will:

  • Enhance knowledge transfer for your long-term support team
  • Increase efficiency in training and go-live
  • Lower hiring costs for in-demand talent you need now

At the end of the go-live, you will be able to hire any or all of the consultants we supply onto your own payroll.

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Reduce the risk of an Epic implementation with our analytics-based hiring method.

Epic impacts your hospital’s outcomes and costs. Your implementation team can make or break your Epic success. Standard hiring techniques only give you a small chance of building the right team for the job – but the right strategic partner leads to success.

MedixDirect®️ digs deeper, screens more effectively and helps you build high-productivity teams from both internal and external talent.

How we do it:

  • Identify the profile of top performers in your organization.
  • Qualify external candidates who fit culture, aptitudes and competencies.
  • Delivers certified talent at 40 percent of the cost of a traditional Epic consultant

What you can do: convert those resources to a permanent role at the end of the contract.

Together, we create a team of high-performing individuals who can help ensure your Epic implementation is seamless.

100 percent certified local talent. No certification costs. No travel expenses. No cost-to-convert.

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