Medix Technology proudly shares the core purpose and values of Medix, our parent company. This purpose and values shape who we are as the Medix Technology team and the motivation behind our goals and everyday work.

Core Purpose

Positively Impacting Lives

We are committed to fulfilling our core purpose as an organization, which is to positively impact the lives of our talent, clients and internal team through employment, philanthropy and creating opportunity.

Core Values

Desire to Serve Others

To truly provide value to our talent and clients, we must possess a distinct desire to serve them. Our industry should not be merely about filling vacant positions with anonymous faces; it is about caring for our clients and talent, understanding their goals, pinpointing their challenges, committing ourselves to solving their problems and putting them in positions to achieve success.

Willing to Do What Others Won’t

To differentiate ourselves as both professionals and an organization, we need to be willing to do what others will not. We must be willing to make personal sacrifices and exhaust extensive time, energy and resources to grow as a company and ensure we are an organization that our clients and talent can count on for exceptional service they won’t find anywhere else.

Never, Never, Never Give Up

Whether it is finding the ideal candidate with a niche set of skills and training, or providing workforce solutions for a large project on a short timeline, there is no shortage of challenges, both personal and professional, in the industry. The key is perseverance. What separates Medix is no matter the challenge, we will always continue to push forward and devote ourselves to never giving up.

Locking Arms to Achieve Goals

Our last core value centers around our commitment to each other and the entire Medix team. The success of others is more important than our own individual success. We must commit ourselves to making sure Medix is a place that we will be surrounded by people that will push us and assist us in achieving our goals individually, as well as our goals as an organization.

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